Kirby de Lanerolle in the news

English Translation :

“The development of human consciousness and physical energy” Kirby de Lanerolle

Founder of the Warehouse Project, Deshaabimani Lankaputhra Kirby de Lanerolle emphasizes that he has offered a way for the development of mankind’s consciousness and physical energy through meditative workshops.

Steps have already been taken to introduce this by means of spiritual and physical detoxing programs in countries such as America, Australia and England.

The ability to look through our spiritual eye is essential for everyone who is looking to be completely healthy and effective in developing the society one lives in, says Kirby.

He also mentions that, whilst he is trying to make the world understand the importance of meditation and the power of the subconscious mind, some forms of media have published inaccurate and misleading news about his breatharian lifestyle.
He strongly denies the sensationalist media tabloids, which states that he has not eaten for the last five years. Kirby very clearly shows that nowhere on his interview and documentary on the National Geographic channel, USA, did he say that he has not eaten for five years.

Over 200 million homes saw the National Geography documentary on his minimal, meditative lifestyle. For this documentary Kirby lived minimally, living through 10 months with 7 meals, using his meditative techniques.

Even Lord Buddha in his teachings to the bikshus and King Kosol, states the importance of taking in the correct amount of food, only enough for the sustenance of the human body, shows Kirby.
Whilst food is essential to all living beings, over consumption is the main cause of high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes and cholesterol problems.

Kirby once again emphasizes that he is able to help people through his program to live a healthier lifestyle by eliminating this over consumption of food consumption.

Deshabimanee Lankaputhra Kirby de Lanerolle, currently an adviser to the social services ministry, has been a serving and helping the poor communities around him for the last five years. Through the Warehouse Project, situated at Maradana, he continues this work in the poor Maradana slums, by means of various programs which include providing food to those which do not get more than one proper meal daily, and providing education to children whose parents are barely making a living.

Kirby has also held several leadership and psychological seminars throughout the world for government employees and public servants.