5 Day Program

– What Happens

The 5 days are structured so that the word is progressively revealed to participants, thereby inviting them to ascend to different mind sets (consciousness/heart) each day. Each session will build on the previous one enabling participants to renew their mind (repent) daily through the spirit word (love vibrations). The idea is to take each person to a new levels of faith in trusting the (invisible) word.

There will be a greater sense of entering into the dominion of a king (kingdom – not flesh and blood but water and spirit – john 3) As the mind ascends the biology and the environment will follow. The biology is transformed and reprogrammed through consciousness (greek – suneidésis – living with knowledge)

By the 5th day participants will experience a glimpse into the breatharian (spirit-man) state. It has likeness to the original and final state of man where participants will be aware of a new form of energy (a food that you know not of – john 4) that is derived from a love mindset (Christ consciousness)

The struggle of desire and hunger to eat will be diminished and capacity to tap into a new energy source that is not ingest-able will be realized. (Man shall not live bread alone but on the proceeding word of God – Matthew 4:4, Deuteronomy 8).

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