Mystical Marriage 2021 LIVE had over 550 participants this year attending live on zoom. It ran for 3 consective day with 5 sessions, taking participants on a mystical journey. This photo was taken when we called it a wrap 🙂

Hello everyone Betty and Jeremy here🤗 and realizing that after being married for 26 years being polar opposites its Ok!😱😂
What a liberating revelation!
So blessed by Mystical Marriage 2021 – Betty and Jeremy (USA)
Kirby de Lanerolle and Fiona de Lanerolle, Omar Soto and I want to say thank you and we love you both from the bottom of our hearts. What you both have imparted into our lives cannot be described with words, and Mystical Marriage was just a step deeper into our revelation. This has truly helped us to view our marriage and each other in a different light. – Yami & Omar Soto